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Mcat for Me is founded by two undergraduates who strive to revolutionize education by providing free educational resources. As pre-meds themselves, they want to provide resources for the MCAT since funding for the test requires a lot of money. They believe that Mcatf0rme will be the new way to study for those who are financially unstable or as an additional resource for those who are currently taking preparatory classes.

One of the founders has recently taken the MCAT and scored in the 99th percentile. He is dedicated and motivated to provide the best service possible – one that is informative and resourceful. He is currently a medical student at UCSF Medical School and was accepted at Yale, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, UCLA, USC, Mayo, and Ohio State Medical Schools. Feel free to shoot him an email if you have any questions about the application process.

Please feel free to leave a comment in our contact info tab so they can know what changes you would like to see in Mcatforme.

The company strives to cater to everyone’s need and studying habits. 

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Why Choose Us?

Learn on the go

Study for the MCAT anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether you are studying in the library on your computer or on the bus on your iPhone, Mcatforme is there for you.

Mcatforme is an online based learning resource website. To make MCAT studying more convenient, we have hundreds of 5-10 minute videos which you can watch on the go. We also have flashcards which can be easily reviewed during short breaks. There is always something to learn/review when you least expect it. The resources are easy, convenient, and ready for you. You can access our videos and flashcards through our website or visit our youtube page at

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3 Courses to choose from

With 2, 3, and 6 month programs, you will have the freedom to study on your time and at your pace. Whether you’re in school/work or on summer vacation, we have a program that will fit your needs. 

As pre-meds, we often juggle many activities at once. Adding the MCAT to your schedule will only make your life hectic. This is why Mcatforme is now offering four different study schedules. From most rigorous to most flexible, we are offering 2,3, or 6 months course programs.

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Track your progress

We give you the tools to help gauge how well you’re doing and how your scores are progressing throughout the weeks. 

It’s hard to track your progress if you have nothing to look back on. You’ll mark off each week that you have completed so you know how much you’ve done. Also, we have included a progress report embedded into each week’s schedule so you can report your scores. This will allow you to see which subject you need to focus more on and which ones you’re mastering. At the end of the course, you can see how much you have improved and you’ll feel prepared for the test.

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Communicate with your peers

Communication is key to anybody’s success, so why not incorporate it into education? Interact with your peers and teachers to help better understand the material. 

Many pre-meds self-study for the MCAT but may be lost on how to approach this test. Here at Mcatforme, we have built an online community where you can interact with other fellow pre-meds. This effective approach will allow you to ask questions and have your fellow peers answer them. We encourage discussions on MCAT tips so that as many as you can achieve the score you’re aiming for. You’ll gain support from a big community, which will alleviate the pressure on figuring everything out yourself. Do not go about studying for the MCAT alone, the Mcatforme community is here to help!

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What is Mcatforme?

Mcatforme (MCAT for me) is a non-profit MCAT prep company catered to pre-meds who don’t have the financial means to pay for private MCAT prep courses, prefer self-studying, or for busy individuals who need flexible free MCAT prep. On this website, you will find four different course syllabi,  our 2, 3, 4, and 6 month programs.

Within our course syllabus, we have created over 100 online lecture videos, flashcards, study tips, podcasts and more to help facilitate the understanding of the subjects. The blog is full of MCAT and medical school application tips from students just like you. The founders at Mcatforme hope to be the pioneering individuals to revolutionize medical education, and to help make MCAT studying easier and fun.

How can Mcatforme help me?

Through the plethora of books, flashcards, study questions and programs, it’s hard to try and figure everything out on your own. Here at Mcatforme, we did the hard part for you, by creating 4 flexible course programs to help guide you day by day, to eliminate the guesswork so you can focus on what’s most important, which is studying for your MCAT, using our free mcat prep guides and courses. Through our own personal studying for the MCAT, we have selected the best books, strategies and plans to make sure that your studying is efficient and effective.

Our video lectures, flashcards and notes will help you to identify key concepts for the MCAT. Additionally, our community of teachers and students can help guide you through all your MCAT questions. We have set up a system that favors community development and social interaction, to connect students from around the world, all with the same goal of beating the MCAT.

What is the MCAT?

The MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test. It is a worldwide multiple choice standardized test that pre-meds have to take in order to be admitted to a US medical school. The MCAT tests on three subjects, which are: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning. Each subject is out of 15 points which means the highest possible score is a 45.  Your MCAT score will be one of the many factors that determines your admittance to a medical college.

The biological science section has a biological emphasis, in addition to organic chemistry. The topics within biology range from physiology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology in addition to microbiology. For the physical science sections, there is physics as well as chemistry.

How to study for the MCAT?

Although there is no right way to study for the MCAT, there is a preferred way, which is to allocate a period solely for MCAT studying. Whether you are in school, or already have a family, you need to dedicate a block of time for studying for the MCAT. We suggest anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on how strong your science knowledge is from the past. Depending on the period of time allotted, you will generally be studying from 3-6 hours a day.

Although the MCAT is not a factual based test, there is still quite a bit of content to understand. It is a standardize test which observes how well you can apply your knowledge cognitively in a random experimental passage. That is why spending time practicing and getting used to applying your knowledge is crucial in doing well on the MCAT. Use our free mcat prep materials and you’ll be on your way to increasing your MCAT score!