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The entire curriculum has been designed and created by one of the founders who scored in the 99th percentile on the MCAT exam. Mcatforme remains dedicated and motivated to providing the best service possible – one that is informative and resourceful.
In the Materials Section you will notice that we have some books that are labeled as “Content Review” and some that are “Practice Problems”. The content review books are strictly for learning the material/content. You can think of these  as your textbooks in school. However, they don’t have enough practice problems to really master the material. This is why we have books that are designated as “practice problem” books. These books were chosen specifically for the example problems. The EK 1001 series contain no content review. Rather, they are strictly example problems that will help you to master the material. We have found this combination to most effective.
The books that we have in our Materials Section are the books that we actually personally used to study for the MCAT. However, when we studied for the MCAT, we used a couple extra books, from Kaplan, Princeton Review, ExamKrackers and also Barrons. After trying all these books, we only found the ones listed in the Materials Section to be very useful. Therefore, these were the books that we have selected to use for the program, due to their effectiveness and simplicity to teach the material well.

One of the best books that we found to helpful to use was Hyperlearning MCAT science workbook by Princeton Review. It has hundreds of free standing questions and passages for every science subject and chapter. It is book that contains no content review, ONLY hundreds of practice problems. However, we didn’t use this book in our 3-month program, for a couple of reasons. The first was because the book is not readily available for sale. It’s an extremely hard book to find online and is not available to purchase directly from the Princeton Review. The second reason is related to this shortage. Because it is so hard to find, the price of the book is very expensive and many students wouldn’t be able to afford it. Therefore, we didn’t use it in our program. However, if you would like more practice, and are able to locate this book, we reccomend this as the #1 Practice Problem resource for the sciences. The book can be found below:

Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook 2010

If you need more practice doing problems, and depending on your financial situation, the following are good books to use (They are not part of our 3, 4 or 6 month programs):

Examkrackers: MCAT Organic Chemistry ** -Practice Problems
Examkrackers MCAT Biology ** -Practice Problems
MCAT General Chemistry Review (Graduate School Test Preparation) -Content review
MCAT Physics and Math Review (Graduate School Test Preparation) -Content review

We definitely have heard the same thing and many of our classmates have used these books as well, with much success. The only reason why we don’t recommend these books is because we don’t own them, nor have we ever used them. So we wouldn’t be able to provide an accurate syllabus for this book. However, if you own these books, have friends who would let you borrow them, or would like to try them, you definitely can do so. Our video lectures are highly dynamic and can be used to accompany any MCAT preparation books. You would still be able to follow our 3-month, 6-month and 9-month schedule, but you would just use TBR passages, questions and readings instead of the books we recommend, which is perfectly ok.
One of the things we’re doing on Mcatforme is a review series where we review everything there is to know about the MCAT, in addition to life as a premedical or medical student. We review books, resources, websites, everything really! Feel free to check it out at: