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Learn how to get into medical school, with our 15 part video course. After being accepted into many of the top medical schools in the country, including Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Yale, University of Chicago, UCLA, Mayo, University of Southern California, and Ohio State, I have learned how to best frame yourself in the best light in front of prospective med schools. While this course is primarily designed to train you into writing an effective personal statement, we will prepare you for every aspect of your med school application. Specifically, we’ll provide exercises on writing the best personal statement, activities section, secondary, as well as the interview.

In addition to providing over 40 sample interview questions, we’ll also have 2 mock interviews (with explanations) on how to effectively ace the interview. Plus, we’ll give you access to our directory of school specific secondary questions. You’ll be on your way to getting that advantage you’ve always been looking for.

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Course Overview


  • Tips before applying to med school
  • Application timeline + AMCAS overview
  • Planning the personal statement
  • Writing the personal statement
  • Reviewing, rewriting, and revising the personal statement
  • Writing the activities section strategies
  • Where to apply? + red flag schools list
  • Secondaries overview + US med school secondary questions directory
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Top 40 interview questions
  • Mock interview 1 – closed interviews
  • Mock interview 2 – open interviews
  • What to do after the interview
  • Getting off the waitlist
  • Choosing a med school!

What our Students have to say…

The advice that Eric gives and the tips he has to say are perfect. While I had to rewrite most of application, after going through the course, I am glad he was able to catch my mistakes, instead of the adcoms. 5/5

-Michael, California

Real advice from somebody who has been through it. While some of the exercises seemed pretty basic, they all have a unique twist and looking back on it, they saved my app.

-Emily, New York


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