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Med School Application Course

Learn how to get into medical school, with our 15 part video course. The course was designed by Eric, one of the Co-Founders and primary tutors for Mcatforme. After being accepted into many of the top medical schools in the country, including Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Yale, University of Chicago, UCLA, Mayo, University of Southern California, and Ohio State, he learned how to properly frame his talents and experiences in the best light in front of prospective med schools.  Ultimately, he would like to pass this integral knowledge onto all of you, to increase your chances of acceptance at your desired medical school.

While this course is primarily designed to train you into writing an effective personal statement, we will prepare you for every aspect of your med school application. Specifically, we’ll provide exercises and tips for writing the best personal statement, activities section, secondary, as well as preparing for the interview.

What’s in the Course?

  1. 15 part Video Course focused on strategies to give you a competitive advantage
  2. Strategies+Exercises to writing an effective personal statement, activities section, and secondaries
  3. Red Flag School List – to help you save money on your apps
  4. Directory of every school specific secondary question – to pre write
  5. 40 sample interview questions
  6. 2 mock interview lessons
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*For those who have already submitted their applications, each personal review can be substituted for up to 5300 characters in secondaries, or other essays you may still need to submit.


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Each package builds upon the previous, with the Med School Admissions Course at its core. The Med School Admissions Course include access to all 15 video lessons, the med school secondary directory, mock interviews, and practice interview questions. Because everything is digital, you can access all the content at your own pace, whenever you have time.

The Med School Admissions Plus package includes everything that the Med School Admissions Course contains, but also includes a comprehensive personal statement review. The personal statement review focuses on content, rather than a simple grammar and spelling check. This is because the most important aspect of a successful personal statement are in its content and flow. 

The Med School Admissions Deluxe package includes everything that the Med School Admissions Plus course contains, but also includes a second opinion. In this package, we will have another individual on our team read your essay and give a comprehensive review, including their opinions on the context as a whole and how the message can be improved. This is particularly useful to judge how relatable your content is to different audiences.

In the Plus Package and in the first read of the Deluxe Package, your essays will be read by the same medical student who designed this course. He is currently attending a top 5 medical school and has reviewed dozens of personal statements in the past. He is dedicated to giving you accurate insight, to increase your chances of getting into your desired medical school.

The second read of the Deluxe package will be read by another member of our team. She is an English specialist and has a lot of experience in the administration side of healthcare delivery and medical education. For this reason, she will be able to provide an unique outlook onto your essay and improve it with a different lens.

Medical Adcoms consist of a wide range of healthcare professionals. For this reason, we can best simulate reality, by  providing you with readers from two different perspectives.

For the Plus Package, you will receive 1 personal statement review from a medical student. This can be scheduled at any time during you writing process. However it is best if you submit this for review in the middle of your personal statement writing process.

For the Deluxe Package, you will receive 1 personal statement review from a medical student and one review from a healthcare administrator. Each can be scheduled at any time during your writing process.

The most ideal time to take the course (and to start your medical school app) is the December before you apply to medical school. This is when we have our first scheduled exercise for you to work on.

However, if you would like to start earlier or later, that is perfectly fine. Every lesson is independent, so you will find something that you can benefit from at any time during your application process. Additionally, you can access the course up to 1 year after the purchase date.

If you have already written your personal statement (and don’t need anymore review), but would like to sign up for our pro or deluxe package, you can easily substitute the personal statement review for a review of your secondaries or the experiences section. Since the personal statement is 5300 characters in length, we will allow up to 5300 characters of secondaries, experiences, or any essay you’d like us to read.