Medical School Pre-Req Classes

In order to apply for med school, all applicants must fulfill and have taken all the medical school prerequisites classes. If your major falls under the biological sciences or have a biology emphasis option for your major, you should more or less cover the pre-req classes while fulfilling the classes for your major.

The classes that you need to take prior to med school are:

1 year of Biology + lab

1 year of General Chemistry + lab

1 year of Organic Chemistry + lab

1 year of Physics + lab

1 year of English

1 year of Calculus (some schools may only require one semester or none at all)

Make sure that these classes offer a year worth of lab. If, for instance, there is no lab for the first semester of Biology, you will have to take an upper division Biology lab to fulfill your one year of Biology lab pre-req requirement for med school.

These pre-req classes are the classes that dictate your Science GPA. Get the best grades you can get! Often, these lower division “series” classes are pre-health weeders. Join study sessions, go to your professor’s office hours, go to walk-in tutoring (if your school offers them), and make sure you study hard! You do not want these classes’ grades be the reason why you doubt your chances of getting into medical school and pursuing your dreams!

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