AAMC Practice MCAT Exams Review

AAMC Practice MCAT Exams
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Review Summary:

The AAMC practice MCAT exams are the best option for taking practice exams and studying for the MCAT.

Rated: #1 in Best MCAT Practice Exams

AAMC Practice MCAT Exams Review

This one is a pretty obvious one. You really can’t beat the AAMC Practice Exams if you’re looking to get full length MCAT practice exams.


Well, AAMC is the company that actually makes the MCAT, so you can be sure that their practice exams (which are real past exams) are ones that you can trust.

So if you want to actually get the best training for the exam, it’s best to go to the makers themselves. While the tests are somewhat pricey, at $35 per exam, I still think that it is well worth the cost.

There are a total of 8 practice exams, with Practice test #3 being free. While it may be very costly to take all of the exams, I still would recommend you do so because it truly is the best way to gauge how good your score is. The last thing you want to do is go into the actual exam and have that be your first real AAMC practice test.

So be sure to at least take 2 of these practice exams, however I would suggest to take them all if money permits.

Why don’t you use all of the AAMC exams in your free MCAT course?

This really just comes down to cost for us. Our program was primarily designed for those individuals on a budget. Those who wanted top quality MCAT preparation, but also those who may not have too much money to spend on practice exams.

For that reason, our program integrates exams from many different sources to best optimize for cost, without sacrificing quality. In our opinion, the Gold Standard MCAT tests were the closest to the real exam that we could find and were only about $15-$25 per test, depending on how many tests you purchased.

So if you check out our MCAT course, and we’ll take the 3-month program for example, you’ll find that we have integrated the 3 free MCAT tests that Princeton Review offers in their comprehensive book series, 2 AAMC practice exams (1 free and 1 paid), and 3 from the Gold Standard (1 free and 2 paid).

Out of the 8 practice exams, you really only pay for 3. However, you still get the same quality that you would normally get.


  1. Made by the makers of the real MCAT
  2. Great Practice


  1. Quite Expensive

Book Details:

8 Practice exams, with AAMC Exam #3 being free. If you can only purchase a few exams, I would suggest purchasing tests 9-11 because those are the most recent.


While some students have complained that certain tests are harder than others, in reality this is what the MCAT will be like. Certain tests will be easier for you, simply because the MCAT can’t test every single subject on each exam. Rather, they pick and choose different topics for each test. You may just get lucky and be tested on everything you know. The reverse could also be true, but ultimately that’s the reality of the MCAT.

However, that being said, the exams are all very accurate and are well worth the money.

AAMC Practice MCAT Exams

Review Summary:

The AAMC practice MCAT exams are the best option for taking practice exams and studying for the MCAT.

Rated: #1 in Best MCAT Practice Exams


The AAMC Practice MCAT Exams are a part of our Best MCAT Practice Exams Review. See where it stacks up!



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The AAMC practice MCAT exams are the best option for taking practice exams and studying for the MCAT.

Rated: #1 in Best MCAT Practice Exams

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars
User rating
Rated 5 stars
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