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Best MCAT Prep Books For The 2016 MCAT

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  • Best MCAT Prep Books for the 2016 MCAT
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Having the best MCAT prep books and resources is very crucial in preparing for the big day! But for someone who does not have the flexibility of time or enough financial means to actually pay for a private MCAT prep course, being able to find the most affordable resources online and offline may be the only resort. You can go through various reviews to help you sift through the hundreds of books for the MCAT and onerously go through them one by one. Or you can read on to find out more about which ones are the best MCAT prep books for the 2016 exam. As we may have previously documented, we have gone through every MCAT book that we know, and reviewed and ranked all of them. If you want an extensive list or find out how each book fared in their rankings, visit the full directory here!



Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set: New for MCAT 2015$125best mcat books, best 2015 mcat book


Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning$23


Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook$85best 2015 mcat books, best mcat book 2015


EK 1001 Practice Questions$20/bookbest 2015 mcat books, best mcat book 2015


Gold Standard MCAT Practice Exams$150 for 10 testsbest 2015 mcat books, best mcat book 2015

Now, let’s get to know these books and get you started!

1. Princeton Review 2016 MCAT

best MCAT prep books, mcas questionsPrinceton Review 2016 MCAT – 6 Book Set is the first on our list of the best MCAT prep books for the 2016 MCAT exam. According to Princeton, this brand new review book set is everything that you need to ace the 2016 MCAT exam! It is indeed a great content review book, packed with over 2000 practice questions in 6 books that will help you though every subject in the new 2016 MCAT Exam. It is very comprehensive and detailed that you can never go wrong with it. However, note that this is a comprehensive content review book. You can look at it as a textbook where you learn more about the actual subject content, but has less practice problems as compared to other content review books such as Kaplan’s, which falls in a very close second.


2. EK Verbal 101

mcat prep books, mcat sample questions, mcat practice questions

The second on our list is Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning Review book. This is the best MCAT book for verbal reasoning review. This book is designed to exactly resemble the verbal passages of the MCAT exam with the intent to replicate the same level of ambiguity in them to the real test. But the best part of this review book is the comprehensive breakdown of answer choices and explanations for each, which will guide you through understanding the entirety of the passages. Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning Review book is ranked #4 in the Best MCAT Prep Books for 2016 and #1 in the Best Verbal MCAT Prep Books.


3. EK 1001 Questions Questions

top mcat prep study books

Next is the Examkrackers 1001 Questions in MCAT Review, which comes in a series of four, including Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Ochem. Examkrackers have always been known for having the best practice review problems. With this series, Examkrackers has again lived up to their name! Each book contains 1001 questions for each subject and are formatted closely to the actual MCAT, to provide you the look and feel of the real test. Questions are organized by topic, ranging from easy to difficult. This book also ranked #2 in the Best MCAT prep books for Practice Questions.


4. Princeton Review Science Workbook

best mcat books, prep books for mcat, best prep for mcatNow the last but not the least on our list is Princeton Review Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook. This book is known as the “leader” in Science Practice Questions. It has just about 1000 pages of questions you can practice on and more than enough to get you in full speed for the upcoming MCAT exam! And the best part is, the questions are designed to be more indicative of the real MCAT exam compared to any other books in the market. However, due to its popularity, it may be a bit of a challenge to find these books online. Nonetheless, is  one of the best MCAT prep books for science practice questions.


5. Gold Standard MCAT Exam

best mcat prep, mcat book, mcat textbook

And if I may add one more, it would be the Gold Standard MCAT Practice Exams Review, ranked as #2 in the Best MCAT Practice Exams! If you are looking into taking the MCAT exam next year, this one is definitely a must have! Gold Standard is the only company that has created practice tests for the 2016 MCAT exam as of yet, and made available at a very affordable price of $15/test. To find out more from our detailed evaluation, click here!

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