How to Register for the MCAT and the Fee Assistance Program!

So it’s time for the MCAT!

It is advised to register for the MCAT two months before you take the test. The reason for that is seats get filled up quickly and you want to make sure you register when all the options are still available – options such as the actual test day, the city you can travel to, which facility the test is actually taking place in, and what time during the day you want to take it at.

So, first thing first, go to:

The “Register for the MCAT” tab is on the upper right hand corner. Follow the direction given.

One thing many people don’t know about is that AAMC has a Fee Assistance Program catered to those who are low-income. This is a GREAT opportunity because not only do you get your MCAT fee subsidized, BUT ALSO you get to apply to 16 medical schools for free. They also send you the Guide to MCAT book in the mail and you get free access to the MSAR book online. There are definitely great benefits so if you qualify/qualified for financial aid in college, you should definitely apply.

The steps are simple, just go to

If you qualify for the FAP, you’ll only be paying $100 for the MCAT instead of the original price of $270. Please think carefully about when you want to take the MCAT because there are fees if you decide to postpone the test date!

One last thing! When you are taking the test facility, PLEASE yelp or google the test facility and read the reviews written by previous test takers! Many of us get distracted by noise easily or can’t stand a room being too stuffy or too chilly! The facility matters! So do your research and save yourself some anxiety during the test!

I wish you guys all the best. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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