Mcatforme 6-month Program Released!

This past week, we finished making our 6-month MCAT program! To check out our program, please bookmark the following link:

Changes in comparison to the 3-month program:

  1. Different books – we are using TPR Chem and TPR Physics, instead of theExamkrackers books. However, all other books stay the same (complete list can be viewed on the Materials Section).
  2. Studying only 4 days a week, 4 hrs each day

Other than that, pretty much everything is the same. You still get the same great videos, notes, flashcards, and homeworks. But, for those who are still in school and can’t afford to study every day, the 6-month program is best for you.

Why did we change the chemistry and physics content review books?

We changed all the content review books to Princeton Review due to the additional time in the 6-month program. We prefer the Princeton Review books over theExamkracker content review books, however the fast pace of the 3-month and 2-month programs prevented us from assigning reading from the more comprehensivePrinceton Review books.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or advice, please let us know in the comments below!

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