Why Medicine?

I’m sure that many of us can’t go through our pre-med paths without someone asking us, “Why medicine?” Our typical response is, “Well, I want to help people.” And this answer doesn’t satisfy many ears. They will go on a tangent about how we can help people in other ways. So why medicine? Of course, many speculate that we are going into the field for money. This is an obvious assumption. However, if money is the motive, there are MANY alternative careers that we can go towards to generate that large sum in a shorter amount of time. If you are in it for the money, think again. You will graduate med school with a good chunk of debt and won’t be making any money until after your residency (& fellowship). Once you start earning money, you will have to start paying off your debt.

So why medicine? You will have to have an answer to this simple yet complicated question before you apply for med school.

Many choose medicine because science and the human body fascinate them. Some say lab research is not for them and they want the patient interaction. Others want the status and the position to take charge and lead instead of taking orders.

So what is your reason? Comment below!

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